Business Solutions

Capture & Proposal Support

A Winning Strategy

You’ve identified your target contract and are ready to take the next step. But you struggle with determining and executing the right approach. Developing a winning proposal requires not only significant resources, but also an intimate understanding of government’s mission requirements and objectives that are difficult to ascertain. The Jefferson Consulting team of subject matter experts augments your resources to craft winning proposals and full-service support to secure your business capture. Whatever the federal market growth need, Jefferson Consulting can help.

Our network of expert consultants brings a wealth of experience and unmatched understanding of government agencies to support their mission and yours. We provide guidance to navigate the proposal development process and ultimately, win more contracts.

Driving Success

Over the years, we’ve helped our clients win over $11 Billion in government contracts.

Some keys driving successful business capture and proposal are:

  • Stakeholder identification and call plan development
  • Input on marketing materials to successfully leverage your messaging
  • Branding and positioning with decision-makers
  • Matchmaking with potential teammates

Our team provides an intimate understanding of how the government buys and unique insights into the way specific agencies operate. We deliver visibility on upcoming opportunities and clearly define your differentiators in the competitive landscape.

An Outside Perspective

Sometimes having an outsider’s perspective is what you need in order to stay on course and ensure the best possible proposal gets submitted. Jefferson takes your proposal from technically acceptable to exceptional. We take on the role of proposal coordinator, creating a calendar for drafts and keeping teams on deadline. We provide proposal templates and a proposal outline, review for compliance, and participate in color team reviews.

As your capture and proposal managers, we’re dedicated to ensuring that what needs to get done gets done, the right way. We help capture and provide the information that procurement evaluators want to see in a proposal to increase win probability and help you meet revenue goals.

Contact us to gain full transparency and pinpoint the insights necessary to develop your strategy and justify your budget.