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Jefferson creates customized content for you based on your capabilities/offerings, potential clients, size, and general knowledge of the federal space.

Marketing to the Public Sector

This customized course is based on what you’re selling and who your buyers are. The course includes a presentation of high-level market research focused on your competitors and their contracts, contract vehicles used to buy similar services/products, and a review of additional market research that will inform your ability to effectively answer the questions of What? When? Who? and How?

  • What? – How to get started and the strategies for success
  • When? – Understanding the lifecycle and implications of timing
  • Who? – Decision makers, influencers, buyers
  • How? – BD/marketing strategy, internal considerations, messaging, next steps

Recommended participants: marketing, sales, business development, executives focused on go-to-market decisions

GovCon 101: Considerations of Federal Government Contracting

This course is customized based on what your what your selling, your potential clients, and the implications of entering the federal market on your business. We will guide you through the maze of federal government roles (the end users, program and contracting officials) and explain unique factors in the federal buying process and the impact on your business development process. The course will also review important features of subcontracts, disputes and organizational conflict of interest, and, ultimately, explain how to manage the business successfully after award.

  • Landscape and key players
  • Federal contracting vs. commercial
  • How the government buys
  • Business development, capture, and proposals
  • Relationships with subcontractors and the government
  • Contracts administration

Recommended participants: operations, marketing, business development, sales, legal, finance, HR

Federal Government Proposals: Successful Writing and Management

This course is customized to an RFP or draft RFP that you’re responding to. This course will introduce your team to the nuances of responding to a federal government RFP, explain who should read each of the interrelated sections of the complex RFP structure, and help you develop your overall strategy and milestone schedule. Learn the benefit and development of win themes and discriminators and how to apply them to your proposal. You will come away prepared to tackle a successful proposal effort with templates and processes that you can also apply to future proposals.

  • How to read an RFP
  • Proposal strategy and schedule
  • Proposal templates
  • Win themes and discriminators
  • Compliance matrix
  • Color team/ proposal draft reviews

Recommended participants: designated proposal team – writers, reviewers, subject matter experts, department heads affected by contract scope of work (e.g. CIO, quality assurance, HR)

This course highlights of differences between common law contracts and government contracts and answers common questions around federal contracting legal requirements.

Recommended participants: internal legal team

A Review of Industry Associations

Associations are a great way for you to hear directly from government clients and meet other potential partner companies. However, not all associations are the same. Associations are a tool in your growth toolbox and your company likely does not have time to participate in many of them. This course will familiarize you with the relevant associations and organizations to fit your business objectives and provide tips on how to successfully leverage industry groups.

Recommended participants: marketing, sales, business development

So You've Won a Federal Contract - Now What?

This course will focus on understanding the business impact of being a government contractor, such as:

  • Understand how the government pays you
  • Understand payment terms
  • Understand performance terms
  • Understand contract finance

Recommended participants: finance, legal

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