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Federal Business Development

Jefferson Providing the Competitive Advantage

Succeeding in the federal market requires subject matter expertise and an understanding of the addressable market. It requires a proactive methodology for a federal business development strategy built on domain expertise and actionable intelligence. At Jefferson, we deliver a unique perspective of the federal landscape that gives you a competitive advantage to win more contracts.


Identify & Win Opportunities

An effective business development strategy begins with the identification and qualification of prospective opportunities, the buildout of a robust pipeline, analysis of target agency priorities, and access to critical decision-makers. It’s difficult to develop such a proactive strategy without intimate, inside knowledge of what the opportunities are, when these contracts will be priority, whether they’re a match for your offerings, and above all – how that agency procures services.

That’s where Jefferson’s 360-degree approach and unmatched breadth of experience in federal procurement offers such a critical advantage for our clients to increase win probability.

A Comprehensive Strategy

Whether you’re an emerging company interested in augmenting your federal business development capabilities or an established enterprise looking for subject matter expertise in pursuit of specific opportunities, partnering with Jefferson means access to the full scope of our consultancy and deep expertise across the federal landscape.

We increase win probabilities with a strong business development strategy and associated tactics, including:

  • Pipeline development
  • Call plan development
  • Partner identification
  • Contracting vehicle identification and access
  • Analysis of agency decision-makers, influencers, budgets, and priorities
  • Message development
  • Agency access

A Unique Perspective

We understand how the government buys and apply that knowledge to help you win more business. If you’re looking for a partner to help you better understand the market, develop the right strategies to pursue winnable opportunities, and position yourself to grow your business, Jefferson can help.

From Strategy to Execution, we’ve got you covered. Contact us to get started