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Government Affairs

Building Win-Win Partnerships

Congress oversees and guides federal policy objectives, regulations, and spending, but many organizations miss out on the opportunity to have their voices heard by these critical decision makers. This may limit your ability to champion tangible changes you want to drive in government and advocate to keep programs you believe in.

At Jefferson, we help you claim your seat at the table. Giving you the ability to contribute to the conversation and gain an improved awareness of the priorities influencing Congress and key agencies.

How Jefferson Advocates for You

Jefferson Consulting cultivates partnerships between clients and the federal government, working on your behalf to advance your presence in federal agencies and on Capitol Hill. We help you develop a congressional strategy that ties directly to your growth and revenue objectives.

Our process is simple yet highly effective:

  • Analyze a company and its offering to clearly connect the solution to benefits to the taxpayer.
  • Define comprehensive advocacy goals and metrics of success
  • Develop an advocacy plan with a link to advancing policy priorities and/or business goals
  • Execute the advocacy plan, monitor, track, and optimize to assure successful outcomes

Jefferson’s government affairs team advocates on your behalf–helping you form more robust partnerships with your government clients.

We help define policy priorities and business goals to provide a sound strategy that allows you to navigate the regulatory and legislative process and propel your company’s interests forward.

The Hill can be an important lever in the pursuit of government contracts. Partnering with our team helps build trusted relationships with key decision makers and influencers on the Hill to gain the reach needed to activate that lever as part of a comprehensive federal growth strategy.

Contact our team today to make your voice be heard.