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Acquisition & Procurement

Enabling Government to Achieve Their Mission

The ability to effectively procure goods and services directly correlates to the ability to achieve mission success. While the Government procurement of goods and services is well established, it is incredibly nuanced and fraught with the potential of a protest, which inevitably leads to a delay in a much needed good or service to the agency. Jefferson brings decades of experience to simplify the process and help develop well-written contracts that are clearly articulated and easily manageable.

When supporting the program office, our acquisition experts start by thoroughly getting to know your agency drilling down to discover the exact solutions that will result in mission success. We pull the thread of your story, helping you pinpoint your needs and fulfill your mission. We collaborate closely with key stakeholders to help define your requirements, establish objectives, and determine the appropriate metrics and service level agreements to achieve the best outcomes.

When supporting the contracting office, our acquisition experts are extremely well-versed in the 1102 (contracting officer/contracting specialist) role. We are fluent in the FAR and contract writing systems and work to ensure all stakeholders stay within developed procurement action lead times (PALT).

We manage the process to ensure that everyone remains in alignment and on track to reach agency goals.

Acquisition Expertise to Fit Any Mission

Jefferson works with federal agencies of all sizes, from large agencies like HHS and the State Department to smaller, independent agencies including the FDIC, U.S. Global Media, and Administrative Office of the US Courts.

Every agency has its unique needs and nuances. We consider your culture and processes, taking time to understand what works best for your team. Our acquisition experts never take a cookie-cutter approach to your contracts.

We hire the best and brightest minds in the industry who have a wealth of knowledge and experience with complex procurement actions. Our subject matter experts are well-known for their reputation of fielding the hard questions and tackling the most challenging problems.

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