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Data Analytics & Process Automation

The Proof Is in the Data

It’s incumbent upon each government agency to report on how taxpayer funds are allocated with full transparency and accountability for program execution and dollars spent. Many agencies struggle to do that, either because they can’t quantify their spending or qualify it. The lack of transparency can negatively skew public perceptions and prevent the government from being good stewards of federal funds. Jefferson can help.

Whether your agency is in the very early stages of data collection and analysis or further along, our data analytics and process automation solutions enable you to streamline burdensome administrative tasks to increase efficiency and decrease costs, while improving services and satisfaction.

Charting Your Course in Data Analytics

For most agencies, the sheer volume of data presents many challenges. We collaborate closely with clients to gain an intimate understanding of the available data sources, then implement low-code process automation that ingests and analyzes vast amounts of data. Your agency gains a clearer understanding, as well as cost avoidance, higher efficiency, and a lot of time saved.

No matter where you fall on the data collection and analysis lifecycle, our expert consultants can help drive clarity through application and analysis, delivering the relevant data to justify your budget, improve performance, and make informed decisions.

We deliver:

  • Analysis
  • Automation
  • Visualization
  • Data-driven decision making

Process Automation for Powerful Visualizations

Collecting data isn’t enough. You still need to make sense of it. At Jefferson, we deliver process automation that fits your agency’s needs and provides greater clarity through data.

Our low-code applications offer an ideal solution for your specific challenges, delivering process improvement, reliability, and greater efficiency. They’re simple, easy to use, and out-of-the-box for your processes – dropping the complexities and streamlining the learning curve for your staff to remove barriers to use.

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