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Institutional Support

Flexible and Scalable Support Solutions

Every year, federal government agencies schedule programs, projects, and activities that must be completed for the good of our nation. And it takes the right people with the right skills to accomplish those missions.

Unfortunately, the federal hiring process often churns slowly or agency staffing is unable to onboard certain positions. These constraints can leave your agency with limited resources to fulfill objectives and overtax your valuable workforce. Jefferson can help alleviate the burden and allow you to execute the mission at hand.

Removing the Constraint of a Limited Staff

Our institutional support solutions offer the flexibility to meet your mission needs for a few months, a year, or more depending on mission requirements, giving you the resources to meet deadlines and complete projects. As your needs change, our staffing solutions can evolve, too. We provide a wide range of technical, programmatic, operational, and administrative support.

Our institutional support benefits include:

  • Efficiency: Delivering the right team members for your agency, quickly.
  • Flexibility: Providing replacement staff as your needs change.
  • Scalability: Meeting your workforce demands, even when they fluctuate.
  • Risk Mitigation: Lowering the odds of costly hiring mistakes.
  • Future-focused: Sourcing the best people for today, and the staff who will grow with your organization.

Whatever the need, Jefferson can help. Set up a call today to learn more.