Who We Serve

Government Clients

Efficient Solutions to Help Power Your Mission

The federal market is complex, and the stakes are high. At Jefferson, we take a hands-on approach to our work with government agencies. Along with solving the most challenging problems facing our clients, we focus on building exceptionally strong relationships that allow us to understand the very fabric of any agency.

Jefferson has supported more than 70 federal agencies, including all Cabinet-level departments. Our work across the federal government touches on many mission areas, both domestic and international. See our Contract Vehicles page to learn more about our vehicles that federal agencies can use to obtain Jefferson’s services.  We’re committed to delivering quality, excellence, and integrity at every level. When there’s no room for error, we help you achieve the best possible mission outcomes.

A Trusted Advisor

To do the work of government, and do it well, it is essential to strive to make a real positive difference for the individuals whose lives might be affected by your work. Clients rely on us to develop and manage programs that impact the daily lives and functions of citizens served.

We deliver data-driven solutions to help you rise to current and future challenges and implement programs that make a positive impact today for a lasting legacy tomorrow.

Jefferson acts as a trusted advisor, helping:

  • Develop strategies to move programs forward
  • Manage day-to-day program functions
  • Support your acquisition and procurement processes
  • Deliver institutional support
  • Execute grant and cooperative agreement functions
  • Manage data analytics and process automation for improved performance

Put Jefferson to Work for Your Most Pressing Challenges

Our subject matter experts offer decades of experience in the federal market. We excel at analyzing data to provide the right information, at the right time, to the right person.

When requirements shift, we shift our people and resources to help you meet the changing demands of an evolving landscape.

Contact us today to learn how Jefferson can help your agency.