Business Solutions

Market Intelligence & Due Dilligence

A Clear Vision for Growth

In the federal market, success depends on access to the right intelligence –– you can’t sell solutions to a market you don’t understand. At Jefferson, we develop in-depth market assessments to identify contract opportunities based on your organization’s capabilities matched to the mission and needs of Government agencies, providing you actionable insights and catalysts to springboard your success. Our subject matter experts’ decades worth of collective experience in delivering meaningful market information enables you to make effective, data-driven decisions.

We help you determine the soundest strategies before you invest. Our team works closely with you to identify opportunities that are both current and actionable, and that align with your capabilities.

Jefferson can help you:

  • Assess the full breadth of the addressable federal market.
  • Gain greater clarity on opportunities for your products and services.
  • Determine the most advantageous strategy for short- and long-term growth.
  • Access a grants assessment to complement the federal assessment.
  • Navigate the federal landscape for superior performance.

Paint a Fuller Picture

A comprehensive due diligence package goes beyond the typical corporate legal and financial analysis. Our subject matter experts offer a deep wealth of experience in federal contracts, policies, agency stakeholders, and programs — giving you the intimate knowledge you need to make informed decisions and paint a full picture of the investment’s value.

Our process:

  • Validates the value and stability of federal contracts.
  • Delivers in-depth knowledge of the federal customer’s preferences.
  • Assesses legislative and regulatory requirements and their potential impact.
  • Offers feedback on the federal customer’s view of the contractor and competition.

The Jefferson Difference

At Jefferson, we dive deep into understanding your organization and what it can deliver to meet Government’s mission –– so you can determine whether a contract pursuit is viable, when to invest, and where to invest.

Looking for an experienced partner to support your growth objectives in the federal market? Contact us today to experience the Jefferson difference.