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Jefferson Consulting Group Awarded a New Task Order to Support National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) Center for Information Technology (CIT)

Jefferson Consulting Group has been awarded an Acquisition Lifecycle Support Services task order by the National Institute of Health Center for Information Technology, Acquisition Planning and Management Group (APMG). 

Since launching in 1996, Jefferson has supported program offices and contracting offices to improve acquisition outcomes. Our acquisition and program management experts help bridge the gap between program management and acquisition to ensure better requirements, more effective acquisition strategies, and improved outcomes for our agency clients. Jefferson is well suited to support NIH CIT as it seeks to obtain pre- and post-award acquisition and program management support to enable its important mission. 

NIH CIT’s mission is to provide the NIH community with a secure and reliable IT infrastructure and a variety of IT and scientific computing services that support the NIH mission-critical research and administrative activities.  Jefferson is working to support these objectives through improved acquisition and program management. Jefferson will provide planning assistance, acquisition document development, proposal evaluation assistance, contract administration support, among other services.  

“Jefferson is excited to bring its decades of experience in federal acquisition and program management support services to NIH CIT APMG. As APMG strives to meet increasing agency requirement demands, Jefferson is ready to assist throughout the acquisition and program management lifecycles,” said Jefferson CEO Janet Clement. 

About Jefferson: Jefferson is an award-winning, minority- and woman-owned small business and a proven leader in acquisition, program management and strategic services, and human capital. Jefferson has more than 25 years of experience supporting more than 60 federal agency clients, helping them to address challenges and improve performance in the U.S. and overseas. 

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